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The first place to find gaps in your analysis is by looking at your competitors. It’s here that a keyword clustering tool can drastically improve and streamline the process. A key part of the process, (that most tools don’t service), is keyword clustering. Most marketers have a slow and laborious gap analysis workflow that doesn’t even uncover all the ‘gaps’. The responses you get to your market research survey will provide you with a treasure trove of content ideas, all of which align with the real needs and concerns of your potential customers. Awareness pages target keywords related to a problem your audience is facing.

  • Andy runs a successful SEO consulting business in the UK as well as Snippet Digital SEO consultancy with Suganthan.
  • We recommend using SEMRush to get started, as it provides excellent insights into where your content can be improved compared to your competitors.
  • By identifying gaps in your SEO efforts and opportunities to improve, you can get ahead of your competitors and rank higher on SERPs.
  • And the second benefit is that, by finding content that you were missing, you will be able to saturate more and better the topic cluster to generate more relevance in Google’s eyes.
  • But if there isn’t, it might be an indicator that you don’t have content within your site that’s responding to the users’ queries about your brand.

Under the Competitor Comparison tab, SE Ranking allows you to compare your site to multiple major competitors simultaneously to find out all the keywords you’re missing out on that rivals are ranking for. Conducting a content gap analysis is a great way to identify opportunities to improve your existing content, as well as brand new content angles related to your service and product offering. Both keyword gap analysis and content gap analysis can help reduce the number of holes on the internet, while at the same time positioning the site well in search – everybody wins. The content gap analysis is used to identify areas of the site that don’t rank well or aren’t providing good user experience.
I believe in smartly researched strategies to generate traffic to your websites. Right away, you can see that there are 5,956 keywords where at least one competing site ranks in the top 10, but ahrefs.com doesn’t rank in the top 100. Semrush Keyword Gap and Topic Research toolsets are very powerful and will enable you to create a solid foundational editorial calendar and missed web-page map. A marketing fundamental is to tailor your B2B collateral to address your target audience’s pain points. Effective content speaks to their needs, their goals and their preferred channels for content consumption. Unlike the all-in-one SEO platforms like Semrush, SEO PowerSuite, etc., Frase is focused on content optimization and AI-enhanced writing support.
It is a process of identifying the topics and keywords that your website is missing and creating new content to fill those gaps. It helps ensure that your website has comprehensive, relevant content that meets the needs of your target audience and ranks well in search results. Content gap analysis is also known as keyword gap analysis, web gap analysis, or SEO gap analysis. The content gap analysis process can boost a website’s rankings in SERPs and improve its overall performance.
SE Ranking’s Competitive Research tool helps you to identify keywords that other companies target to drive traffic to their sites and rank in search, but your site doesn’t. This provides you with a list of keywords that could be valuable for you to target and gives you an insight into the type of content your competitors are producing to rank for these. In this section, we’ll look at exactly how to conduct a holistic SEO content gap analysis. Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll be able to identify any significant gaps in your content plan.
A content gap analysis can help find areas where more content can be created that matches the flow of a customer’s journey with your brand. Let’s take a look at what some of those reasons are and why it’s well worth your time to use content gap analysis as part of your content planning. You should focus on areas of content that are highly relevant to your audience and that drive plenty of traffic to your website. For example, a SaaS SEO company would need to focus on topics like RPA technology and SEO automation.
By comparing the keywords that both your site and the potential backlink site rank for, it determines if there is any overlap in topics. If there is no overlap, then the site is not a good fit for backlinking purposes. Understanding the wisdom of the crowds is simple – if two or more of your competitors rank for a particular keyword or have a backlink from a specific site, it’s worth pursuing for your own website. Link gaps refer to the backlinks that your competitors have acquired, but your website has not. In other words, link gaps highlight the differences in the link profiles between your website and your top competitors. We recommend using SEMRush to get started, as it provides excellent insights into where your content can be improved compared to your competitors.
For example, if you have a content gap for people searching “[competitor] alternatives”, that’s a quick win (as the searcher is closer to the point of purchase). Conducting a content gap analysis is a smart way to find the “gaps” in your content. Along with a blank template, you can also download an excel content gap analysis example to more easily understand how it works and where information needs to be entered. Powerful, authoritative links have significantly more weight than lesser-known websites. This is because Google often values reputable news outlets as trusted sources.
I recommend that you use the same tool for every metric so that your numbers stay consistent across the board. I have covered this extensively in my guide to finding your real SEO competitors. When you think about it this way, an awareness of the context in which you’re trying to rank is absolutely essential. According to Semrush’s data, a little over 600 people are visiting that page alone.

Pick The Tools

To do so, many companies focus on metrics like Citation Flow which measures the value of a site in relation to how many sites link to it. Clients can then download the full backlink report to further investigate opportunities. Filter your entire portfolio, or select specific keyword groups, then slice your data with the following options. Content Gap analysis will help you to see exactly where you are winning, and where you are not.
It also gives you a chance to identify new keyword opportunities based on what your competitors are (or are not) targeting. In the above example, you can see where there are several opportunities to create content at each stage of this buyer’s journey. You can create content that compares your service/product to your competitors or simply pose your brand as one of many solutions in a round-up post. This will help you come up with strategic content ideas that will pull in more traffic, convert more customers, and provide even more value to your target audience. This will only provide you with the rankings for the specified competitors but can still be very useful to compare your domain to a direct competitor.
It’s always best to clearly indicate that any changes to the website, however minor they may be, can potentially have a massive impact on your SEO. The TF-IDF scoring helps you ensure that you cover the most correlated topics within your theme. It’s also something you can do even if you don’t have a degree in mathematics. From finding the topics where you can craft in-demand content to optimizing your finished article, you need a detailed process. Finally, don’t forget to look at metrics such as bounce rate, conversion rate, and average time on site. These metrics should improve if your analysis was successful in helping people find the answers they were looking for on the web.

From here, you simply choose the best clusters to start with and create pages to match. Next we’ll go through the process of filling content gaps by creating new content. In short, you need to study and get your keywords from websites with a search presence that are relevant to your business. By covering all the important content topics relevant to your audience, you’re in a more secure position. Even during tough economic times, people still search for, and need, content to make buying decisions. For this reason, by finding and optimizing the gaps in your content, you can improve your content’s performance.
Once you have this, check if you have suitable content for each step of the way. From a competitive standpoint, you will want to ensure that the content and landing pages that you are publishing load faster and provide a better user experience than your competitors. Focusing on technical elements and UX elements of your landing pages, and how they compare to competition, will help your website get a leg up in organic SERPs. BrightEdge research has shown that as much as 51% of your traffic arrives through organic search. They have taken control of the early stages of the purchase process, as they have become the ones who go looking for answers, rather than waiting for salespeople to come to them.
This is a clever way of recognizing opportunities where you can increase search engine rankings and overthrow competitors’ high traffic. Use a hybrid approach with your paid search team to boost your visibility in challenging keyword groups. You can also track your keyword rankings for the keywords around which you’ve created new content. If you’re ranking higher in search engine results pages, then your analysis has been successful.
This will give you an idea of just how much new content is needed moving forward. SEO GAP JOIN ’s also crucial that you use a content audit template because it will allow you to identify gaps in your current strategy. First, it helps you make sure you aren’t missing any gaps when it comes to content. Second, it allows for optimal organization of your newly found information (including topics and keywords). You must cater to important viewer questions, and draw out various options you may be considering.

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